Does Concrete Always Need Rebar?

Metal rebar inside dug trenches

When you start pouring concrete and building projects, you will face many challenges, with many people not always being sure why rebar may even be needed. The use of rebar can be highly confusing when you are still learning how to use concrete and build projects. Rebar is not always needed when working with concrete, … Read more

8 Signs That Your Home’s AC Compressor Is Shot

A contractor repairing an AC unit

Is your air conditioner having issues? If so, there is a chance that there might be something wrong with the compressor. It can be frustrating when your air conditioner is not working properly, particularly during the hottest months of the year. There might be some situations where you need to get a new air conditioner. … Read more

Why Backstabbed Outlets Are Bad (Are They Safe Or Unsafe?!)

An electrician working on an outlet

You may have heard the term ‘backstabbed’ used when referring to an electrical outlet, but please don’t think someone is trying to be funny or that the wires had a fight and went behind each other’s back to betray the other, it’s not that kind of back-stabbing. Backstabbing wires in an electrical outlet is serious … Read more