Can You Fill Cinder Blocks With Soil or Concrete? Is It Safe?

Can you fill cinderblocks with soil, concrete, gravel, sand, or foam?

Whether you are building a raised bed or a wall, cinder blocks are a cost-effective and sturdy way to do so. Old cinder blocks used to be literal blocks; cubes or cuboids with no holes as such. However, modern cinder blocks (and even bricks) have holes in them. There are several reasons manufacturers do this; from … Read more

How Close to the House Can I Plant a Cherry Tree?

A cherry tree in full bloom

Cherry trees are known for being breathtakingly beautiful not only because of their beautiful canopy, but especially during the blooming season. It is a great addition to any home or commercial garden and is sure to impress onlookers as they walk or drive by your house. However, as it continues to grow, it can turn … Read more

Can I Plant a Fruit or Vegetable Garden Next to My House?

Fruit and vegetable garden

Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply looking to get a little more out of your backyard, a fruit and vegetable garden can seem like a convenient and rather ‘productive’ hobby. However, productivity doesn’t always mean that it’s the perfect hobby. Take your fruit or vegetable garden, for example. There are a lot … Read more

Can You Compact Wet Dirt?

Wet dirt compaction

Soil compaction may seem like a very simply task, but when you come down to actually performing the same, you are likely to find that there are a lot of intricacies involved in the process. So much so that there are actually many studies on the topic – especially the question of what you can compact … Read more

Does Topsoil Need to Be Compacted?

Loosened (in hand) vs compacted soil (left)

We’ve published numerous articles about compacting dirt over the past few weeks. However, all of those were targeted toward compacting dirt for making a patio or laying pavers. What if you need to plant fruits and vegetables? What if you need to grow grass or make a garden? Does soil need to be compacted? When discussing … Read more