Is It Appropriate To Lay Tile In Your Living Room Or Bedroom?

A modern living room with a matt (non-gloss) floor tile

We usually associate tiles with bathrooms and kitchens when we think of tiles, but today we want to inspire you to consider tiling your living room and bedroom. Modern tiles are a lovely addition to any house because of their functional and long-lasting properties.  With advancements in printing technology, you can discover stunning and natural-looking … Read more

Will Sealing A Driveway Cover Oil Stains? (Should You Remove The Stains First?)

Oil leaking from an old car on a block driveway

Sealing is a great way of adding an extra layer of protection to your asphalt-based driveway. Not only will this protect against water and UV damage, but it can help prevent damage from oil stains. However, can sealing a driveway cover existing oil stains, or should you remove them first? Sealing a driveway will not … Read more

Does Sealing A Driveway Stop Weeds Coming Through?

Paint roller and paint tray being used to seal a tarmac driveway w

There is nothing worse than pulling out every weed by hand to ensure your driveway stays pristine, only for the little buggers to return − with their friends! Can we prevent this far from ideal reoccurrence by sealing our driveways?  Sealing your driveway will minimize weed growth drastically by seeping down into the sand between … Read more