Can You Stack Romex Under One Staple?

A plastic staple

Whether you are wiring in your basement, crawl space, attic, garage, or even in your kitchen, you might have to pass several wires from the same point before splitting them up. This could either be for aesthetics or to ensure functionality. A common question people ask when two or more wires need to be passed … Read more

Does Wiring in a Crawl Space Need Conduit?

Crawl space wiring

We recently discussed the details of what kind of wire you should use in a crawl space and discussed the importance of finding the right one – and making sure it is secured properly. When wiring in an attic or basement crawl space, you need to remember that you won’t have the same freedom as what … Read more

Can You Drywall Over A Junction Box?

Can you drywall over a junction box?

We recently discussed the intricacies and code requirements about how you can insulate a junction box. As a result of that article, many DIY-ers asked whether it is a good idea to drywall over a junction box. This might seem necessary when you need to make repairs to the current wiring in place or when … Read more