Can You Strip Romex & Run It in a Conduit?

Romex wire which is stripped at one end

When it comes to DIY electrical projects, one of the favorite points inspectors look at is the proper use of wires for outdoor and indoor application. And when it comes to heavy duty wiring, Romex is well-known because of its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and utility. The application of Romex wires is limitless, but most DIY-ers often find … Read more

Can I Run an Electrical Wire Next to a Gas Line?

Running an electrical wire next to gas line

When it comes to DIY, being neat and tidy becomes a top priority. From the finishing of your project all the way to the foundation it lays on, everything needs to be tidy. There is also a matter of safety, which becomes increasingly important when it comes to electrical systems and gas lines. A common question … Read more

Can a Junction Box Be Covered by Insulation?

Can a junction box be covered by insulation?

Electrical boxes are not just ugly to look at, they also pose a threat to those around; especially children. Covering these boxes is permissible in the National Electrical Code with wooden boxes, so long as they are accessible; i.e., the box can be opened. However, NEC only talks about this if the box is located outside … Read more