Different Brands Of Indoor & Outdoor AC Units (Will This Work?)

Several large air conditioning (AC) units

Everyone is aware of the two primary types of air conditioners on the market: split systems and single packaged units. Split system air conditioners currently account for about 70% of the market, as people prefer them to single packaged units. But when they inevitably break, can you fit another model or brand’s components to fix … Read more

Bubbles In Epoxy Flooring: Why This Happens (& How To Fix It)

A close up view of a bumpy epoxy floor with a needle roller

If you are looking for high-quality floors for your building, you may have heard about epoxy flooring. This is a relatively inexpensive, durable floor that is easy to maintain. On the other hand, you may notice bubbles in your epoxy flooring from time to time. This can impact the integrity of your structure, and you … Read more