How to Prevent Your Mini Excavator From Tipping Over

A tipped toy excavator

Excavators are a great tool to help you dig stumps, lift heavy objects, dig holes, compact dirt, and more. This heavy equipment can make short work of even the most painstaking tasks, but they don’t come without their own issues and precautions. Just like any other piece of heavy machinery, you need to be careful when operating these. … Read more

How Easy Is It to Use a Mini Excavator?

How to use a mini excavator

We previously discussed the different tasks you can accomplish with your mini excavator. From digging out stumps all the way to digging trenches and pools, or even leveling the ground; the possibilities are endless. They are considered to be the most versatile “toys” construction workers have. However, all these tasks can be performed impeccably only … Read more

Do French & Trench Drains Need a Trap?

A French drain vs. Trench drain

If you look under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you’ll find a U- or an S-shaped pipe underneath the drain opening. This is known as a drain trap. This is necessary to create an air trap to prevent sewer gasses from travelling through the plumbing and into your home. However, a question arises; do outdoor … Read more