Why Is My Yard Covered In Spider Webs?

Spider webs and dollar spot fungus

One of the biggest problems that lawn owners and carers have to deal with is that of pests, diseases, and fungus. Disease control is very important for DIY-ers and pros alike. This is because of the wide variety of problems that can arise in plants, the types of plants, and more importantly, the fragile nature … Read more

Does My Lawn Need Humic Acid?

Does my lawn need humic acid?

You might have heard many gardeners, hobbyist YouTubers, and even your local hardware store owner recommend adding humic acid to your lawn. It is widely available in both granular and liquid forms and recommended for the colder season and when frost is about to hit. The thing about humic acid is that it can also … Read more

Why Is My Yard Growing Mushrooms?

Why is my yard growing mushrooms?

You may start seeing a bunch of mushrooms growing in your lawn a day or two into the monsoon season. They may be white or brown and can stay fresh throughout the season. You may also see these mushrooms pop up when you are watering your lawn more, especially during the summers. While some may … Read more

Is My Yard Big Enough for A Pool?

Is my yard big enough for a pool?

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and we can tell you from experience that they are absolutely right. You may have a patio in your backyard, a treehouse, and a trampoline with room to spare, but if your neighbor has an empty backyard with nothing but a BBQ grill in … Read more

Can Fake (Artificial) Grass Be Vacuumed?

Vacuuming artificial grass

Many people prefer installing synthetic turf on their lawn, inside their houses, or even in bathrooms (yes, we were pretty surprised too) because it presents a low-maintenance landscaping option. You get to enjoy the green without having to spend hours on watering, fertilizing, aerating, and cutting it down. It is a cost-effective solution; this is … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Back Ornamental Grasses?

What If I Don’t Cut Back Ornamental Grass?

Ornamental grasses add immense value to one’s lawn and are considered the perfect addition in any landscaping venture. This is precisely why they are considered premium additions to one’s garden. Trimming ornamental grass is universally recommended as the spring season starts to roll in. However, what if you are away on holiday with your sprinklers … Read more

Why Is My Yard Full of Slugs?

Slug on leaf

Just because you see slugs and snails in your garden doesn’t mean that you have an infestation on your hands, but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you now have guests in your lawn, either. There are good and bad sides to a garden full of slugs. You might find a few slithering about your … Read more

What Happens If You Put Dirt Over Grass?

Adding dirt over grass

Lawns usually take up a large portion of our land; and for good reason. If you look at new construction homes with and without lawns, you will find that houses that have a lawn have much higher construction costs compared to those without. However, at the same time, you will also find that the selling price … Read more