Why Shouldn’t You Use Sand for Drainage?

Why shouldn’t you use sand for drainage

One of the most useful objects for construction and plants alike is sand. The proper sand type can hold buildings straight, boost plant life, and improve drainage. In cities, one of the best materials for drainage is sand. The light and coarse texture helps water seep through via capillary action quickly and therefore prevents landscaping problems. … Read more

How Long to Leave Dirt Before Pouring Concrete?

How long to leave dirt before pouring concrete

The most difficult part of any concrete job isn’t the mixing, pouring, or even smoothening the pour out, but the preparation. This is because all other parts of the process are relatively straightforward, but when it comes to preparation, numerous questions arise. From whether the dirt is sufficiently compacted to the adequate water levels, levelling the … Read more

Different Mini Excavator Attachments to Speed Up DIY Jobs

Stone saw attachment on an excavator

Over the course of our blogs, we have mentioned how mini excavators are a versatile piece of machinery and how they can help users accomplish even the most difficult of tasks very easily. Whether you’re looking to level the ground, dig deep holes, or lift heavy objects, mini excavators have you covered. In this article, … Read more

How Easy Is It to Use a Mini Excavator?

How to use a mini excavator

We previously discussed the different tasks you can accomplish with your mini excavator. From digging out stumps all the way to digging trenches and pools, or even leveling the ground; the possibilities are endless. They are considered to be the most versatile “toys” construction workers have. However, all these tasks can be performed impeccably only … Read more

How to Get a Mini Excavator Into a Backyard

How to get a mini excavator into a backyard

Excavators are among the most versatile heavy machinery you can buy. It can dig, it can haul, it can grind, drill, bore, and do so much more. To make sure you enjoy the same versatility that larger excavators offer at a lower cost and without breaking everything around your work area, you can go for mini excavators. We … Read more

How Deep Can a Mini Excavator Dig?

How deep can a mini excavator dig?

We recently went over the details of how effective mini excavators can be for digging out stumps or grinding them, along with a guide for the best mini excavators for the same. While both the articles were aimed at digging out stumps, it is important to note that a DIY-er can find many uses for … Read more

Best Mini Excavator For Digging Stumps

Digging stumps with mini excavators

We previously discussed how you can use mini excavators for stump removal either by digging or by grinding it down. This article is a follow up of that to help you find the best mini excavator for digging stumps. Some think that the best ones would be the biggest ones, while some suggest that the … Read more

Can a Mini Excavator Remove Stumps?

Mini excavator about to work

When it comes to clearing your backyard, you can use a hoe to soften the ground, a rake to clean out all the debris, a plate compactor to plain it all out, but you won’t be able to remove heavier debris or dig deeper holes without working way too hard. You can’t use an excavator … Read more