How Do You Fix Thick & Uneven Grout Lines?

An outdoor tiling project with porcelain tiles and grout

Construction workers are notorious for cutting corners when they know no one is looking or as they get closer to the finish line. One of the last bits that they need to work on includes filling grout between tiles. It isn’t uncommon to find thick and uneven grout lines when you move into a new construction … Read more

Are Hairline Cracks in Grout Normal?

Cracked grout in between some tiles

In a previous article we discussed when to use grout, when you should go for caulk and when a silicone base is necessary for filling gaps. We also mentioned that over time, grout tends to develop cracks in many cases – especially if applied in the wrong place. Sometimes these cracks are rather prevalent, while … Read more

Do You Need to Repair Drywall Before Tiling?

When looking to retile a drywall, one of the most common and troubling problems faced by DIY-ers and contactors alike is that you’ll end up losing some of the drywall along with the tiles. No matter how successful or how carefully you removed the old and outdated tiles, you are bound to face this issue. … Read more

Should You Wet or Soak Tiles Before Laying Them?

Applying wet tiles

Tiling has always been a rather confusing task since the start. From afar, the process looks rather simple; just flatten the surface, lay some cement, mortar, or adhesive and start laying tiles, right? However, it is only when you get up close and personal that you get a better idea of the intricacies involved. Today, there … Read more

How to Tile Over Uneven Drywall

It’s hard enough to apply tiles on the wall – the process becomes ten times more difficult if there is an uneven wall involved. In many cases, drywalls aren’t completely even. There are often boards that aren’t flush with each other, which leads to a ‘bowing’ effect, making the tiling process even harder. If you … Read more

The Best Type of Tile for Basement Floor

The best type of tile for basement floor

A very common question people ask when it comes to basement flooring is what kind of tile is best for basement flooring. With so many options to choose from, it is natural to be confused. You will find some who say that any type of flooring will work in a basement, provided that is waterproof. … Read more

How Thick Should Tile Adhesive Be?

Placing tiles on tile adhesive

Out of all the things that could go wrong when trying to apply tiles, applying less (or more) adhesive can be one of the most disastrous ones – from a structural and financial point of view. Therefore, it is essential that before you begin fixing or applying tiles, you decide on the adhesive strength and trowel … Read more

How to Keep Wall & Floor Tiles Level When Installing

Keeping wall and floor tiles level

Over the past few articles, we have extensively discussed the essentials of tiling and using grout in your DIY ventures. We mentioned how to install tiles in your kitchen but left out how you can keep them level, since this warrants its own article. The question of how to keep wall and floor tiles level … Read more

Do You Grout Between Tile and…?

Understanding when and where to sue grout

If you are a DIY-er, you are likely going to start installing, repairing, or replacing existing tiles. However, one aspect that you might find yourself stuck in is where you should use grout – and if there are any alternatives to the same. Grout is infamous for cracking due to temperature fluctuations. Although the material … Read more