How to Keep Wall & Floor Tiles Level When Installing

Keeping wall and floor tiles level

Over the past few articles, we have extensively discussed the essentials of tiling and using grout in your DIY ventures. We mentioned how to install tiles in your kitchen but left out how you can keep them level, since this warrants its own article. The question of how to keep wall and floor tiles level … Read more

Do You Grout Between Tile and…?

Understanding when and where to sue grout

If you are a DIY-er, you are likely going to start installing, repairing, or replacing existing tiles. However, one aspect that you might find yourself stuck in is where you should use grout – and if there are any alternatives to the same. Grout is infamous for cracking due to temperature fluctuations. Although the material … Read more

How to Tile Around Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Tiles under and around a kitchen wall cabinet

Whether you are looking to completely overhaul your kitchen or simply want to change the current backsplash, you are bound to have to tile or retile the floor or your kitchen’s wall. For those of you who have an open kitchen attached with your dining room, it is essential that you take extra care when … Read more